Division of Molecular Toxicology

Research profile

Nico Vermeulen
 Prof. dr. Nico Vermeulen

The mission of the Division of Molecular Toxicology is to develop novel and innovative concepts involved in drug disposition and drug safety assessment. Integration of advanced computational and experimental approaches is hereby the key, while the focus is on molecular mechanisms of drug metabolism and toxicity.

Our research involves cytochromes P450 (CYPs, P450s) and other selected drug targets, such as the estrogen receptor (ER). The division is aiming to be leading in this field and to be an attractive partner for cooperation as well as an attractive host for master students, PhD students and post-docs. Currently, we focus on three distinct but strongly interrelated research-lines: biotransformation and bioactivation, computational medicinal chemistry and toxicology, and cellular signalling and toxicity.


The following subgroups are associated with this chair: