1. Head Department of Theoretical Chemistry

2. Chairman of the Board, Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry (HRSMC)

3. Editorial Board member, ChemistryOpen (VCH and ChemPubSoc Europe)

5. Editorial Board member, Physcial Chemistry Chemical Physics (Royal Society of Chemistry)

6. Editorial Board member, Journal of Computational Chemistry (Wiley)

7. Chairman, Education Commission, Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

8. Member, Scientific Advisory Board - Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (ICCC), University of Girona

9. Member, Advisory Board - Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC), Leiden University

10. Member, "VU Advise Commission" of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

11. Membership of Chemical Societies: (1) KNCV (Netherlands), (2) GDCh (Germany), (3) ACS (USA), (4) IUPAC (international), (5) WATOC (international), (6) AGTC (Germany)

12. Referee for Funding Agencies: (1) NWO, Netherlands; (2) ERC, EU; (3) NSF, USA, (4) FWF, Austria; (5) RCN, Norway; (6) NSERC, Canada; (7) Petroleum Research Fund (PRF), USA; (8) U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), USA; (9) Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT); (10) The Croucher Foundation, Hong Kong, China; (11) Academy of Finland, Finland; (12) National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa; (13) New Eurasia Foundation (NEF) & Ministry of Education and Science, Russia; (14) Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO), Belgium. (15) Croatian Science Foundation (CSF); (16) Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF); (17) Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), Germany; (18) Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering, Finland; (19) Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Germany.

13. Referee for 100+ international scientific journals

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