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In the (near?) future this page may start to contain a summary of the (most important of the) numerous adventures and campaigns we played. We are planning to (no idea when, how or if) also include a compilation of anecdotes from our playing sessions, both player and character anecdotes. It will not be our explicit intention to make this page interesting for anyone but ourselves, but it cannot be ruled out that we might include some things in here that might be worthwile reading for others.

In short, this page is currently under slight construction. It should be under very heavy construction, but isn't.

Just a short note: three of us have just recently been blessed with children, two single and pair of twins. Up to now we have actually been able to find enough time to continue playing...

A private version of this document is also available from our own Yahoo Group "Kalawan", which generally can expected to be more up-to-date.


Here I will give a list of the (former) group members, in alphabetical order.

Member JoinedLeftFavourite Character
Bakker, Dick 1986 - deep-gnome fighter/mage (Gnosh)
Bulk, v.d., Marco1985 ? DM/Shadowrun Gamemaster; ran out of time halfway 1997, we're waiting for him to come back; prefers fighter (the annoying trouble-making type)
Dik, Harald 1984 - dark-elf fighter/mage (also DM)
Feenstra, Anton 1985 - elf scout (Leofa)
Kelder, Peter 19881990prefers balloons
Lous, Niels 1985 - dwarf fighter, with two-handed (!) sword (Dustbin)
Vos, Jakko 1984 - DM (and prefers it, at least most of the time)

There have been some more members, we peaked around 1989 at slightly over 10 persons. Most additional members were sisters and/or girlfriends who only lasted half a year or so before getting thoroughly bored with the rest of us, so I won't list them here (for which they would probably be grateful).

In summary, we have a group that started off somewhere around 1984, and now has 5 members, including both initial members and most that joined in the beginning, between 1984 and 1986. My guess is that this is pretty unique, but please correct me if I'm wrong.


At the moment we're involved in two major campaigns, one on the world of Waterdeep (in some parts changed beyond any recognition, with Harald as DM), the other on Hafanus (a world created by Jakko Vos, for which he is DM also of course). Besides these two there have been many separate adventures and lots of short campaigns, some of which we saw through to a prosperous end, others bled to death (literaly or as a figure of speach) and some simply became defunct...

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We are a party of four characters, with one recently replaced:
Leofa Elf scout FAnton Gets much critisism from the party for not being there where and when the fighting is hottest, but usually manages to do quite a lot of good from the rear.
Lioness Humanmage FDick Got half her face burnt off by a dragon and as a result of this now has a new dragon-leather spell-book being made (she did get her satisfaction!). Usually severely low on spells, due to abovementioned dragonfire.
clericMMarco Galathilion was the one to restore Narvic's heart (out of compassion), see below. Dearly missed for his healing abilities, valour, generally good humour and talent to talk himself into and out of the most improbable and dangerous situations (Marco unfortunately can't find the time anymore to continue playing, or to DM for that matter).
MJakko Just materialized into our party out of a stone-giants' belt-pouch (we would call it a large sack). We don't know much about him, yet. At least it's good to have a cleric back, we are in the habit of running low on hitpoints a lot... But then, we are now learning he is one of that unusual brand of clerics that for some reason feel guilty towards his/her God(dess) for performing too much healing :-(
Tinder Dwarffighter MNiels His ususal reaction to any situation is `CHARGE!', a practice he perfected far beyond what can be achieved by the average mortal. Most enemies have no time for last words, sometimes not even for a final grunt...

In addition, there is a number of non-player-characters (NPC's) in our party, all male elves. Ofcourse I don't really know their class, but these are probably good guesses:
Ninu ElfScout Mnpc obviously teams up with Leofa every once in a while, but also disappears sometimes for no immediately obvious reason
Zemli ElfBowsman Mnpc Increadably good shot. Also makes his own bow(s) and arrows, of outstanding quality.
Fransha ElfFighter Mnpc Seeing Fransha and Ashka fighting their way out of a tight corner together is really something
Ashka ElfFighter Mnpc
AeleuthianElfFighter/MageMnpc He is more or less the leader of the Elves, at least he is the elder. Often has good tactical insights.


This campaign revolves around the evil mage Narvic who tricked us into releasing him from his imprisonment by restoring his heart to his body. He subsequently changed history, or more precisely, changed reality to a different timeline, in which he is Lord and Master of all. He recruited most Orcs and he virtually eliminated all Elves, except for the ones in our party (at least, as far as we know). So there is a lot of hate espacially from Leofa and the other Elves towards Narvianus (as he is called by the Elves) in particular and to all Orcs in general! He is in search of seven swords and a book which will allow him to become a God also. We are in search of the same seven swords and book to return reality to our 'own' timeline.

Recently we ended up in the Underdark in chase of one of the swords. We found out that apparently also the Drow elves are after them, though for what purpose we don't know. It seems that whatever it turns out to be, it will not be to our benefit. Probably it has something to do with the quest for power by the (forbidden) Drow god Faerun, rougly speaking the Drow god of Thieves.

I first thought we started playing around 1995, but at one of the playing session (in april 2001), I noticed that my character sheet was dated 1991 (!), which made it 10 years old at that time, and it was made specifically for this campaign. To top that, this isn't even the first version of the character! We all started out with first level characters and have progressed up to sixth to ninth level, which is something to be proud of! Someday we hope to find time to write down some of the amazing stunts that we pulled!

To wet the appetite (not in any particular order): we've fought battles in and on flying ships, some shaped like an actual ship, some like giant insects; we've been captured and enslaved, stripped of all our belongings (except for some scraps of spell in Lioness's head and the skills of the others) and broke free again; as a party containing 6 elves, we've entered the underdark (with magical masks disguising the elves as human).



We are a party of (again) four characters, all male human:
RufusHumanFighter MHarald 
Drew HumanBard MDick  
Dustbin (?)HumanFighterMNiels  


We're all from a small farmers' village called Moshida's Point, which got swept away during the recent wars in the Empire of Hafanus. Since then we've been adrift and desparately trying to keep alive.

We started playing around 1997 with zero'th level characters, meaning you have no skills at all (well, hardly any) and have to trust your luck. Since then we progressed to something around fifth level.


This is not actually about a campaign, but about a more or less constant group of characters with whom we played a lot of different adventures and short campaigns.


. HumanFighter MHarald 
. HumanCleric MJakko 
. . . MMarco 
Gerald of GreenwaldHumanThiefMAnton 
DustbinDwarfFighter MNiels  


Too many to tell. Maybe we should try and give some summary...


This is one of the now sadly defunct campaigns.


In this campaign we all started out with pretty high-level characters (between seven and ten, if memory serves me). This might be one of the reasons we didn't play on with it, because these characters supposedly had quite an extensive history, which we couldn't really identify with because we hadn't been part of it.


Can't really remember much, apart from werewolves and vampires falling out of a clear sky, or appearing out of thin air.

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