Mandelbrot Pictures

The list links to JPEG images of different zoom's of the Mandelbrot Set. I als have some more backgrounds on how I became interested in fractals and the generation of them. GIF Pictures were calculated using FractInt, and converted to JPEG using Graphic Workshop (originally) or Image Magick (currently). Resolution is 1024x768 (50-220kB each) and for several of the most interesting, also big 2048x2048 versions are available (0.3-1Mb each). A total of 6.4MB pictures is available. (P.S. The background you see is a thumbnail of the Full Mandelbrot set.)

Up to now, there has been some interest in my Mandelbrot Art. Some of the images have appeared in print (or used otherwise) in:

This list is also available with thumbnails included (High-Graphics).

I am planning to add some more info to the pictures, like the area, zoom factor maybe a description of the colours-schemes I used and maybe point out some exceptionally interesting features in some pictures..

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